Hogares Claret is closely associated to Clayhand Project. The Hogares Claret Foundation of Medellin, established by Padre Gabriel Mejia has 45 centers all around Colombia, especially Medellin, where alcoholics, drug addicts and street orphans are rehabilitated in a safe environment of Catholic values, good living conditions, loving staff, yoga and meditation. The success of his rehabilitation was recognized in 2002 when he received the Queen Sofia of Spain Prize for the best non-governmental therapeutic community. There was a video made about him by one of his supporters in the USA, the David Lynch Foundation. Padre Gabriel has told us that every year he has hundreds of rehabilitated boys and men who need re-insertion into society. Clayhands will teach some of them the techniques of alternative construction. Once learned, they would be guaranteed employment for life and would be able to build their own homes.

Organizmo, led by Ana Maria Gutierrez and Juliana Ramirez, its a source of earth builders and teachers for our different groups. Based in Tabio Colombia, Organizmo  works closely with our people. They will send us the qualified builders who can lead our groups and teach them at the same time.

Fedesmeraldas is the umbrella organization for the emerald miners in boyaca, the dealers and exporters. They construct clinics and schools in the emerald mining region. They have also put together farming co-ops. Fedesmeraldas will support some of our activities in the emerald mining region with the cooperation of the mayors of some of the small towns.

Teatro Taller de Colombia teaches circus skills and their members are friends and neighbors in Bogotá. They have offered to help us with videos and promotion.

Finca Carolina is a large organic farm in Chipaque Cundinamarca that teaches self-sustaining agriculture, permaculture and organics. They will assist the dwellers in the habitats we construct to support their kitchens with wholesome food.

Funmuzcol was started after a mud slide displaced many families in Muzo Colombia. They contniue to do charity work in that region and can help us to establish ourselves in that area.

Alcaldia de San Pablo de Borbur – The Mayor of this small town in eastern Boyaca wants to be the first town to employ these construction methods and train their people.


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