San Pablo de Borbur house, Colombia
A model pressed-earth house in San Pablo de Borbur, Colombia on land provided by the Mayor and assisted by several town workers.

Sasaima house, Colombia
We are building a demonstration house/meditation room/classroom in Sasaima Colombia at the rehabilitation center of Hogares Claret Foundation.

Please click through the images below this large one so you can see the evolution of this structure from an idea all the way to a  huge 14 x 10 meter building. That's 45 by 32 Feet!!


El Chacaro house, Colombia
We are conducting political negotiations and recently completed the first soil studies to build a demonstration structure in El Chacaro, near the Coscuez emerald mine. This will serve to inspire and educate the locals, many who are emerald miners and their partners or unemployed, to learn a skill they can use immediately.

Chanares Adobe Brick-making Factory, Chanares, Colombia
Clayhands is in the project planning stages to resurrect an Adobe Brick-making Factory in the tiny town of Chanares, near Borbur. This small factory, abandoned for 50 years, is made of adobe and is 100 years old and is still standing. The locals have forgotten the techniques of adobe and earth construction and are living in cement houses or bamboo shelters.

Our long-term project is to become a center for alternative construction activities in northern South America by our third year of expansion.